I was giddy the first day I held Borojo fruit in my hands for a taste test.  I love trying new things, especially when they are healthy for you.  I was just south of the border of Costa Rica in Panama and I saw this fruit listed on a raggedy old board that a woman had on the street. She was making a smoothie I had ordered from her and out of curiosity I asked if I could taste it.  She kindly obliged.  It was different, delightful and exotic.     It was much like peanut butter in consistency, but only sweeter. It is unique and has an agreeable taste. Months later, we made our first borojo juice.  Since then we have discovered more about the superfruit that it really is. 


Among foods in the world, Borojo stands out as one of the most amazing yet, with a unique set of health benefits. Do you want a food that according to natives can give you a little extra sexual boost, while at the same time bringing you a powerhouse of potent nutrients desperately needed by your body?    One doctor said of this fruit that if it ??would be grown on a large scale, it could address the problem of malnutrition in the world. It is so rich in minerals and vitamins that no other fruit on this planet could compete with it?.   In Colombia it is known as the Natural or Nature??s Viagra, with people there having known about its natural aphrodisiac properties for centuries.  It is actually known in these places as Love Juice (jugo de amor).  On a worldwide scale, it has just barely begun to be exposed and is already gaining much popularity.  The pulp unlike anything you have ever tasted before and will bring a unique experience to your taste buds.  




Description - The word borojo comes from embera meaning ??headfruit? (boro = head; ne-jo = fruit).  Embera is a language group and indigenous territory in Eastern Panama. On average it is a small evergreen tree that grows to be about 3-4 meters in height.  It is generally not harvested until it naturally falls from the tree.   On the tree it is a green color and when ripe turns a brownish color.  The pulp is brown, acidic, and very dense (consisting mostly of fructose and glucose). It has around 90 to 600 seeds, and it is considered ripe when it falls to the ground.  

Nutritional Benefits
Borojo is known for its high protein, mineral and vitamin content.  It seems like all over the world energy drinks are gaining popularity.  Almost no other fruit in the world has as high of quantity of water soluble B vitamins which are great for health.  In fact stories are often told around natives in Colombia and Costa Rica having used the pulp for centuries for its ability to maintain high energy when taking long journeys through the jungle.  Stories also abound from these places about its aphrodisiac or natural ??Viagra? properties, which can in part be attributed to these nutrients.  Niacin (B3) is found is a very high amounts.  Niacin in orthomolecular medical research has been shown to treat help in the fight against depression, anxiety, arthritis, cancer and most notably schizophrenia.   Some of the other vitamins found in good quantity are iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, vitamins C, B1, B2 and silicium.

Health Benefits of Borojo Juice
Phosphorous is found to be in great abundance in this exotic fruit, which is excellent for the brain functions, such as memory and concentration.  Vegetarians also love it due to its peculiarly high amount of protein and essential amino acid content.   One pound is equivalent to 3 pounds of the amino acid contents of meat.   Recent scientific research also performed by the University of Santiago in Cali, has shown that Borojo contains an abundance of a chemical called ??sesquiterpelantond?, which inhibits the cell growth in tumors and shows promising in treating terrible illnesses, such as cancer.
Here is a list of the summary of health benefits of borojo:

  1. Known as the energy fruit for its contents of B vitamins, supplying a much needed boost for athletes and those looking for that daily boost.  It is its own natural ??energy drink?
  2. High contents of phosphorous, help protect the brain function
  3. High amino acid and protein content
  4. Is a natural ??Viagra? and aphrodisiac, known as Love Juice to the native people of Panama, Colombia and the Amazon region.
  5. Has been used by natives for centuries to heal wounds, balance sugar in the blood, control arterial hypertension, regulate blood pressure, aide in menstrual discomfort for women and soothing bronchial infections.
  6. High source of Niacin(B3), which can help combat symptoms of depression, anxiety and behavioral problems in children.
  7. Packed full of other phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, which all play a role in bringing added health benefits to the body.
  8. Can be used for consumption under the following forms: juice, jelly, sauce, pulp, as a mixer of alcoholic beverages, ice cream, capsules, and extract.
  9. Fortifies DNA and RNA structures and helps cellular regeneration
  10. May help with cholesterol problemsIt is rich in a novel polyphenolic compound which may be partly responsible for the health benefits attributed to it.  Polyphenol research is still being conducted in order to verify what health benefits they may bring to the body.
As one can see, the advantages of Borojo juice are long and getting longer as more research and investigation is done.  Nonetheless, it is already gaining a reputation as being a superfruit, one that someday may be very commonly known around the world.  Although not readily mentioned in research, this fruit does grow in the south eastern parts of Costa Rica.   It will surely make a delicious addition to anyone??s diet.  Discover this ancient remedy/elixir for yourself today.


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